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What We Do

At Sage Natural Resources we acquire, develop, and optimize assets.

Evaluate & Acquire

oil and gas prospects
and opportunities

Develop Assets

through drilling and infrastructure build out

Efficiently Operate

assets and optimize

Effectively Market

and monetize

“We highly value our collective ability to generate energy investment theses and to manage the downside risk in order to capitalize on the upside opportunity. Our goal is to apply our technical skillset to deliver a premium return to our investors and to ensure we operate in a safe, responsible and efficient manner.”
Gavin McQueen
President & CEO
What We Do

Our mission is to find and responsibly source energy that fuels our future.

Our Approach

We know how to harness large-company “know-how” and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance with small-company efficiency.

Our Experience

Our team has a combined 260+ years of experience in the oil and gas industry across 19 states, most U.S. basins, and three countries. With more than 2,600 wells drilled, collectively, we have a broad range of expertise.

Operational Integrity

Our operations are process-driven to ensure that we meet rigorous safety standards, and that each site is designed and engineered to produce reliable results every time.

Technical Rigor

We excel at reservoir characterization, which includes geological and petrophysical assessments. We use our expertise to deploy advanced technologies and generate an optimum return on investment.

Our results

Delivering results through hard work, technical excellence, and commercial acumen.

We are proud of the results we’ve achieved throughout the past four years.

Effectively managed EHS risks and maintained compliant operations.

Improved asset integrity via proactive maintenance and facility rebuilds.

- 0 %

Decreased LOE
by 25%

+$ 0 MM

Improved asset value by more than $50MM through midstream and marketing negotiations

+$ 0 MM

Rosedale multi-well value addition to reserve base

- 0 %

Decreased well decline rate over 60%

We created an effective development program with the Rosedale pad having an IP30 of 55MMCFD for under $24MM and an IRR > 100%.